Board of Directors and Other Positions

The Fort Myers Flying Club is a Not-for-Profit organization and has an elected board of directors.
The general members freely elect the board in December for a three year term. Appointments made by the board are for one year, with no limits

Board of Directors

Name Position Phone Email
Anthony Greco President 239-980-8201
Mike Jackson Vice President 239-677-7600
David Slabosz Secretary 239-691-8225
Dean Martin Treasurer 239-848-2069
Tyler Baston Disciplinary Officer 239-910-6654
Alex Petrikas Events Coordinator 239-410-7288
Skip Bentley CFI Coordinator 239-691-6698
Waner Del Rosario Communications 239-677-4903
Terry Voorhees   239-292-9231
Larry Denmark   239-229-8759
Al Ledet   239-272-1289

Other Positions

Bob Adamski Legal Officer 239-482-8206
Charlie Carroll Aircraft Officer 239-281-3710
Johnny Dorning Membership Chair 239-634-3422