Poker Run 2014

Poker Flyer

A Flying Poker Run? How does it work?

Fly to each airport and pick up your cards in sealed envelopes at the primary FBO (except Page Field). Pick up one card at each airport for each hand you play. (Pick up cards for friends if you like.)
A hand consists of five cards in five different numbered sealed envelopes to be opened only when the hand is played at the gaming table at the event.
Cards at Page Field will be distributed when you arrive at the EAA building to play your hands. Pay for your hands at Page Field at the event. You may play multiple hands at $10 each.
If you cannot visit all airports you can fill your hand at the event at no additional charge, and additional hands can be purchased at the event. Cards available any time from February 17 to the Poker Run event.

Poker Run Questions? Call Pit Boss Bob Adamski @ 239-281-0273